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Rosin Stainless Steel Tubes - 25(μm) 5pk

Rosin Stainless Steel Tubes - 25(μm) 5pk

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Product Type: Rosin Filter Bag

Vendor: Sasquash Filter Bags

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Rosin Stainless Steel Tubes - 25(μm) 5pk

DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances

This is the Best Value Vacs 25μm Stainless Steel Filter Tube 1" x 9".

Improve your yields with our Rosin Bags!
- With no bag, product flattens and spreads out as it's squeezed
- Our bags will keep your product packed tightly together and provide higher PSI
- Easy use: Simply pick up and toss bag when done. No need to manually separate material and product.
- Our stainless steel tubes are our most versatile filter yet.
- Simply cut to size and fold over the ends to use.
- Our stainless tubes can be reused several times before wearing out!

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